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Monday, 22 February 2010

Repertoires that I want to try

1. Schumann, Fantasy Pieces 2nd movement

2. Franck, Cello sonata A-dur 4th movement

Both pieces are played by Jacqueline Du Pre who was an English Cellist. Her talent bloomed when she was very young, however; she has past away when she was 42 years old. Her Stradivarius was inherited by Yoyo Ma later years.

For any musical instruments, if it is a quality one, the price comes along with it....! Or is it vice versa like expensive instruments makes quality sound?? Anyhow, Stradivarius must be with so many many many zeros on its price :))

String instruments always captures my inspiration and makes me feel like playing immedietly whenever I see. Then I always start playing it when I get this feeling, but the problem is my skill.....I cannot make beautiful sound at all!!!

When I was assigned to work in Zimbabwe in 2004, I bought a violin and brought it with me, because technically taking my piano was impossible :)). It is indeed easy to take to everywhere and I really appreciated during 2 years of my stay there.

I have always loved the violin since around 8 years old if I was not wrong, I would ask my mom to take me to violin lesson. I was already learning piano at that time, so my sister was taken to violin lesson instead :(.

I finally managed to start leaning the violin when I was 12 at junior high school. We had music class focusing on strings, and at the end of the year, we presented what we learnt in the graduation ceremony. I kept learning the violin in the following years in the same school and chose it as the second instrument in the university. But I had to admit that I started it too late. It's a little sad that I still haven't obtained natural playing posture regardless to the years of learning!

Suddenly AJ gave me a new violin for my birthday, and it was such a nice one for my level! Not only the violin itself, but also changed he to good strings. This encouraged me and made my motivation at the highest level and put myself to practice the violin more! So, now all I have to become is.....just to be good! The meister from a violin atelier we visited told me some tips when playing.

To talk to the violin gently "make a beautiful sound"....... :))
My favourite Vienna from a mountain♪


1. Schumann, Fantasy Pieces 2nd movement

2. Franck, Cello sonata A-dur 4th movement
(フランク作曲、チェロソナタ ロ長調第4楽章)

ここに載せた2つの映像はJacqueline Du Preが演奏しているもの。熱がこもった演奏が印象的です。ジャックリーンは幼いころからその才能を開花させたのですが、残念ながら病気のため42歳でこの世を去っています。ジャックリーンが使っていたストラディバリウスは後にヨーヨーマが使っているんですね!(Jacqueline Du Pre)



(珍しく二人で弦を弾いているところ@open mic)


Entry: Midori

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  1. This picture is kinda funny!!!!
    I'm so into the cello..