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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Azur Indian 2010 to 2011

Time flies! 2010 had passed by so quickly and 2011 has arrived. 2010 was chellanging year and brought many new things to Azur Indian! So let me recall and share what we have achieved and what we will focus in 2011.

March 2010, I (Midori) left Japan and started master's degree in Manila and Costa Rica. Antarqui later came back to Costa Rica, so we moved the base of our music project from Niigata, Japan to Costa Rica in September.

As for the content of project, it aimed to promote "Understanding Different Culture" through world music appreciation when we worked in Niigata. It consisted of talk part (mainly about Africa and Central America) and music part (Classic Music, Tango, Jazz and so forth according to request we receive).

The programme conducted in Niigata was formed and targeted Japanese citizens to promote their knowledge of other countries; however this did not directly apply to the setting of Costa Rica when we thought about doing it here.Therefore, we started looking into what and how we can re-form our project to adjust the current setting of Costa Rica. 

Finally we reached to a new idea for the next phase, focusing on indigenous/ethnic music of Costa Rica. This aims to empower indigenous group of people through form of music. First we will focus on Costa Rican ones, hopefully expand our focus to Central America, South America later, and  after that covering many kind of ethnic music from all over the world as much as we can.

Through this project, we aim to contribute international development focusing on intangible cultural heritage such as extinguishing indigenous culture through for of music, precise transcribing their music to preserve. 

If music is transcribed, it can easily encourage any people to play including people in endangered culture since their common problem in terms of preservation of culture faces how to convey it to the next generations.Therefore, making endangered culture visible is significant.
Besides the new project, we will continuously work on what we have been doing; performing, teaching, supporting music in any ways.

2011 is the third year since we started Azur Indian in Niigata, Japan. We are hopeful for the success of our new project. Moreover, I personally hope to encourage Japanese people who were victimised by the 3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake; particularly because I come from the devastated area.

As we both believe that music itself is directly connected to development; therefore it can form the staring point and platform for development. Needless to say, what we expect for the next step for Japan is to rebuild and develop the country again. In this sense, I hope to contribute my country and my loved people through form of music for their great effort that are being made on the ground even at this moment. 
Entry : Midori

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