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Friday, 6 May 2011

Thank you very much for coming to our charity concert 31 March, 2011

Thank you very much for all coming to our Charity concert held on the 31st March. Supported by Nelly and Club Union, we successfully conducted a concert with don Oscar.

The programme was divided into two parts; the first part was classical music and the second part was full of tango with don Oscar.

As for the first part, it was enjoyable as usual to play especially both of Antarqui and I are more and more used to play these pieces. I feel that we are getting more capable to insert our own understanding to the performance.

As for the second part, it was a new fresh experiment in terms of playing tango with someone else! Don Oscar is a distinguish bandounion player. We had a lot to learn from him from tango perspective of playing music.
(Bandounion and Cello duet)

This charity concert was initially to raise fund for kids victims of violence in Costa Rica; however Japan was affected by catastrophic disaster recently, we also asked audiences to support Japan.
(The performance with don Oscar was really new to us. I fell in love with Tango!)
Thanks to all the warm support, we collected extra US$200 to donate to a grass root support group "Oga for Aid" that is helping people in isolated areas in Miyagi prefecture, Japan where I (Midori) come from. See this :!/OGAFORAID

I just hope that we can rebuild our country as soon as possible as well as caring for psychologically affected victims. I hope Azur Indian will have a chance to perform for those people in the near future.
(Just before the concert started...are we both nervous a bit??)

The concert was truly enjoyable to have our friends and family. Some people started dancing, some started crying for nostalgie, some fell in love with tango!

Thank you again for all to share this memorable moment with us!
We hope to see you all in near future!

Thank you all for coming!


  1. Hello , Midori
    Your performance was amazing and I really miss it!!!
    And thanks for sharing this blog..
    Hope to see you and your performance again..
    sending hugs and kisses!!!

  2. Young!! Thanks for your comment! Actually you are the first person who commented on our blog! jajaja, gracias! I miss music, too. Hope you can come back and see our performances in the near future... te extraño mucho...