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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Playing at silver hotel bandai lounge 27 May 2009

This was quite an opportunity to test our ability to get people together for this presentation.

Fortunately enough the place was filled and we had a blast with this event since, most of the people who showed up were friends and coworkers and students..

Midori enjoys playing this piano which has been moved around from different places, like GioiaMia and others. Our contact who is always very kind to lend us a hand when it comes to making these events is the owner of the piano and has a really nice place in Rosa (Furumachi) called Piano Piano where you can see a variety of performances mostly in the jazz line.

I thank everybody that showed up at that time for the event.. Facebook can work wonders for invitations..

The list this time looked a little like this:






6.melodie raise me up





12.time to say good bye

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